The Objective:
When I began this position in 2018, the marketing team was focused on elevating the company branding and making it cohesive, along with showing a successful return on investment by increasing the company's market share.
The Solution: 
Being committed to continuous improvement, I have assisted in many changes to the marketing department. This includes: creating a library of marketing collateral and templates that the sales team can use to order products and make requests, streamlining requests through a ticketing system, and managing a branding refresh which involved updating designs and ensuring all content adhered to company standards. The company's market share was 0.1% in 2018, which increased to 1%
Slide from rebranding guide presentation, emphasizing new and updated design standards.
Example of rebranding in practice. In addition to the graphic changes, I sought out opportunities to combine slicks in order to reduce the amount of paper the sales team uses.
Data is one of the sales team's most effective tools. This project is a packet showing the results of several district partnerships.
Many slicks also have corresponding email templates that the sales team can request to use. Emails are designed and managed through MailChimp.
The goal of this project was to create graphics for the company's shipping boxes using inspiring quotes related to education. Since then they have been used in various applications across the company, including social media posts, website graphics, notebooks, and employee business cards.
A direct-to-consumer marketing campaign selling digital book collections for Shark Week. The package included graphics for Facebook, Twitter, and the company website.  
A book for the company's publishing division, ARC Press. I served as art director on this project, handling writing and design. 
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