In an effort to improve Ballinger's social media presence, I pitched the idea to create a motion graphic video series about the history of Ballinger. 
The series upon completion will contain four videos, the first being an overview of the first hundred years of Ballinger and the other three being the last three decades. I self directed the entire project from storyboard to final animation, as well as music selection and audio editing.
Ballinger is proud to focus on giving back to the community. The firm has an outreach program which I designed the logo for.
The first charity event Ballinger attended after the branding of the outreach program was the Philadelphia Heart Walk. 
I created several internal promotional print materials to get employees interested in attending and donating to the event.
Materials include a save the date, team sign up sheets, promos for two fundraising events and a donation tracker.  
Gallery poster for the European Healthcare Design Conference.
Various sponsorship advertisements. 
Short motion graphic portraying the concept of the "design sprint"
Various infographics for architecture project proposals meant to portray the people involved and their roles in the project in an easily readable way.
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